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25 years of cutting-edge Interventionist Cardiology in Cordoba

 Interventional cardiologists in Cordoba, Spain

Portfolio of services

Coronary disease

Percutaneous treatment of coronary disease (Ischaemic Cardiopathy)

Congenital cardiopathies

Percutaneous treatment of congenital cardiopathies in children and adults

Structural cardiopathies

Percutaneous treatment of structural cardiopathies

Cardiac arrhythmia

Treatment of heart rhythm disorders

Other techniques

Cutting-edge techniques in cardiovascular and haemodynamic medicine

Why choose Corpal Group?

We are a cohesive group of professionals, fully integrated with the rest of the Cordoba Red Cross Hospital, with expertise in Global Cardiology covering all ages, from childhood to old age.

Interventionist cardiologists with significant contributions to the scientific literature. Our group combines Clinical diagnosis, Arrhythmias and Intervention. We are supported by a broad portfolio of services.

Since March 2018, Corpal Group expands its cardiac offer in the Hospital San Juan de Dios in Cordoba.

Extend Cardiology Services

With an increase in professional staff and technological endowment, Corpal Group works simultaneously in two private hospitals in Cordoba, the Red Cross Hospital and the San Juan de Dios Hospital. With this, we have gained in capacity, closeness and immediacy for consultations, diagnostic tests and cardiac catheterizations. There are now 2 haemodynamic rooms, one in each hospital, which guarantee immediate action 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is especially important in the treatment of early myocardial infarction. (Refer to treatment with drug stents in coronary heart disease). The portfolio of services is also expanded with the treatment of Arrhythmias, such as Atrial Fibrillation, through the Ablation of pulmonary veins with Cartography support and electro-anatomical reconstruction of the cavities. This one, frequent, and other Arrhythmias as the Ventricular Tachycardias are possible to treat in Corpal Group.

Clinical Analyses
The Red Cross Hospital has an experienced clinical analysis department, which is a great support for heart patients both for diagnostic and monitoring purposes.
The Radiology Department of the Red Cross Hospital in Cordoba is highly experienced in diagnostic imaging in all radiology fields. Regarding cardiovascular disorders, it has cutting-edge technology for the diagnosis of heart diseases, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), CT and ultrasound, important supports for diagnosis and the therapeutic protocols applied to cardiovascular diseases. There is great compenetration between radiologists and cardiologists, facilitating joint diagnosis and therapeutic action.
Intensive Care Unit
The characteristics of Cordoba’s Red Cross Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit are well worth highlighting. Its teams are highly experienced in the management of critical patients, particularly with cardiovascular and coronary disease. Secondly, it is located next to the A&E Department and to the Cardiology Department’s haemodynamics unit. Thirdly, there is excellent compenetration between the emergency staff, intensive care physicians, ambulance teams and cardiologists, forming a unit capable of swift action in case of urgent cardiological problems. In cases of acute myocardial infarction, the time factor that is so important in its treatment, has been reduced to a minimum. Finally, its technical facilities and teams of highly trained professionals make thus Unit one of the key aspects of the Red Cross Hospital, providing significant support for the hospital’s renown.

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