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Corpal-Cardiolumen Cardiology Group is a group dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, both in children and adults.

Group of professionals including cardiologists, nurses, nurses’ aids and clerks, all with considerable professional experience. The group of doctors comprises cardiologists of national and international renown, as shown by more than 200 scientific publications, their experience in teaching and research and numerous contributions at national and international congresses. Teamwork is our flagship, based on medical and scientific excellence and our great professional commitment.

Our institution’s main objective is to provide patients and their families with the most comprehensive cardiology services, exclusive, personalised healthcare. Corpal-Cardiolumen has been providing its services for 20 years in the Red Cross Hospital of Cordoba, using the latest medical and technological innovations. Our group pioneered the implantation of new techniques in the cardiology field with the first descriptions in the scientific literature.

The mechanical treatment of cardiovascular diseases continues to grow, especially trans-catheter. For each surgical solution there is now a percutaneous alternative, through the blood vessels, which usually involves less or the same risk and is much more convenient for the patient. Like “plumbers” and “electricians”, repair from inside the cardiovascular system is a growing field. Our service portfolio contains a wide range of such treatments, for a wide range of ages, performed by experienced professionals.


Corpal Group cardiology services


Corpal Group service portfolio. Diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Pacemaker implant, year 2005

Percutaneous treatment of coronary disease

Ischaemic cardiopathy

Percutaneous treatment of congenital heart diseases

In children and adults

Percutaneous treatment of structural heart disease

Percutaneous treatments for the heart and great vessels.

Treatment of arrhythmias

Altered cardiac rhythm.

Other techniques in cardiovascular health

Treatment of hypertension, aneurisms of the aorta and different complications.

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