Cartography in patient with permanent Atrial Fibrillation

by | Oct 2, 2018

October 2018 Image of the Month

Video-images of atrial depolarization from a patient with permanent Atrial Fibrillation who was treated with Pulmonary Veins Ablation. Following cartographic electro-anatomic reconstruction of the Left Atrium, the atrial impulse was analyzed before and after treatment. In A, you can see the caotic left atrial depolarization during baseline study.

After Pulmonary Vein Ablation, sinus rythm was recovered and a new electro-anatomic  reconstruction of both, the Left and Right Atriums, was performed in order to analyze the new kind of atrial depolarization. In B, you can see the ordered propagation of the atrial impulse during stable Sinus Rhythm, first the impulse depolarizes progresively the Right Atrium and then the Left Atrium.

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